Best TOEFL coaching is available in Stanford Review as ETS certified trainers work there. TOEFL coaching center is very much needed as the test has become gateway for many courses across U.S .

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Though they are so many TOEFL coaching centers available , the best are very rare . So the student needs to work on the available coaching centers to see which one is the best. In order to do it , he has to look for centain qualities in existing TOEFL training centers . a TOEFL exam preparation center must have ETS certified trainers , who are very rare . secondly, it should have experienced trainers . Ask for how many students a particular PTE training center has trained and what are their scores . Don’t be carried away by big brand names in the city . Often students are after big big brands . They may just highlight the scores of one or two students out of hundreds of students . In my view , the TOEFL coaching center must have it s majority of students reaching their target scores. That is exactly what we at Stanford review TOEFL exam coaching center do .

Next thing what we have to look for in a TOEFL exam preparation center is the kind of strategies they teach . do these strategies really work ?. Are they really tried and tested ?. have their faculties personally tested these strategies to see whether they work in real time ?. These are some of the questions that must be addressed . A right strategy saves time and help a student answer the question on time. If you teach him the right approaches and strategies, he will not take long winded route and ultimately finish the test on time and will not be penalized for not finishing test on time . Here at Stanford Review TOEFL coaching institute we teach the right strategies because we are directly trained by test maker , i.e ETS .

Another important thing that we have look for in a TOEFL exam coaching center is the price . Across the city charges for PTE coaching range between 6000/ to 8000/ Indian rupees in top branded coaching centers . This may not be affordable to so many students . As a result they end up joining unprofessional TOEFL preparation centers and get low quality coaching . Keeping this in mind , we charge very reasonable price which is affordable to 99 percentage of the students . If any student approaches us and openly say that he cant afford that price , we are willing to further reduce the price to suit his budget .

An added benefit our students enjoy when they enroll for coaching is that discount in the exam fees .


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